Dienstag, 5. Februar 2013

Let's grab the heart of the world and turn it into the light // modeling

So, didn't you find love 
or salvation in what they do,
A heart is built of gold, 
they fairies they are too, 
it's in the hands you hold,
How long can we ignore, 
we build a little more
and then we break our truth.


pictures by nora hollstein


  1. dein blog ist so toll,wirklich.ich mag die art deiner bilder und texte(auch wenn ich beim französich etwas abkack^^)

    liebe grüße :)

  2. Wundervoll, ich liebe deine Fotos!!!

  3. Wow, I never found anyone else who knew this song.. Love it! And your photographs are amazing, remind me a bit of Alice in Wonderland.. <3